Custom Cushion – AyamAyaman Bandung

The owners of AyamAyaman ( are close friends of us. Like us, they started their business around 2014. Located in Bandung, with a tagline of #1 Chicken Trafficking, their main icons are Mami Ayam and her chicks. Their chicken dish delivery service is a delight and their chicken wings are so good you want them more and more.

Early in 2015, they decided to open a dine-in restaurant to fill higher demands. They asked us to produce some cushion to decorate the restaurant. Puty (, our favorite illustrator, drawn their iconic Mami Ayam so cute we can’t resist hugging the cushion right away.

You can also order our puffy and huggable cushion for your restaurant or venue. Price depends on your quantity, size, and fabric choices.

If you are in Bandung, do visit them!