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We believe that the world can be a colorful one if we want to


Kawung Living is an Indonesian home living and lifestyle brand made in 2014.

Our colorful patterns and products are aimed at the playful children inside of you. We want to serve as an alternative to local home living and fashion products, injecting happiness & positivity in everyday lives at affordable prices.  Our products ranged from homeware and decor goods to fashion and accessories, which can be found online (Website | Shopee | Tokopedia) and offline (The Goods Dept, Jakarta | Palm Lagoon, Bali).

Words from Us

The name Kawung comes from one of the oldest patterns in Indonesian batik history. Kawung pattern is a rectangular geometric pattern made from palm trees flower and has many meanings in its use. Kawung means hope and hard work. It also teaches us how human needs to be useful in his life, society, and nation.

Having known each other at college, we start the idea of Kawung Living from our fondness towards home depots, like Informa and IKEA. We love strolling around the place, fantasizing about our future home. In 2014, we began to explore our thoughts about living spaces, that became smaller each day and how that affected our way to utilize space. Having struggled with funding our first property, we long to find furniture and decor goods that not only looks good but also affordable. We want to make your home feel welcoming to everyone who visits.

Along the way, our range of products stretched to fashion, lifestyle, and accessories. We’re still keeping our signature colorful designs and we’re still in the mission of spreading love in the form of happiness and positivity. We hope that Kawung Living will provide the goods that close to you and reflect you the most.

Liza and Prisanti

Our Pledge

When we take a leap to start Kawung Living, we’ve met a lot of people along our journey. Vendors, partners, acquaintances, friends. Most of them were women, very very inspiring women.

Every month, we will be donating part of our income to support charity/foundation/NGO that carrying the same message that we have, by taking Indonesian women as the main focus.

We believe by giving (and having) a job would impact the economy. Economic growth is the key to lifting poverty to prosperity. The proverb “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” is true after all. By giving women the right tools, education, and resources, they are able to serve their own communities and transform it into a better future.

Our Client

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